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After the earthquakes in January, Puerto Rico has positioned itself as a global event destination and is trying to win over event planners despite recent setbacks. The experience complex includes an enticing range of events such as concerts, art exhibitions, music festivals and much more. Another driver of Rico's events business is its proximity to the U.S. Virgin Islands and the U.S. mainland. With the recent earthquake in San Juan, the plan to become one of the most important venues in the country is finally coming true.

What will happen in the next few years when Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands become a global venue?

In San Juan you will find gastronomic and wine festivals that combine local cuisine and music. Drive to Luquillo to celebrate the Leatherback Sea Turtles with a live music festival, food trucks and live entertainment by local bands.

If you're a passionate music lover, you can't afford to miss the Saborea Sunset Festival while visiting Puerto Rico in April. You will learn a lot about Puerto Rican culture and tradition and why Puerto Ricans are often described as the happiest people in the world. Experience a culinary experience where you can enjoy the best of both worlds - local food and local music from local bands. Don't miss Puertoican Danza Week while visiting the country - you will learn much more about their culture, traditions and why they are so proud of their country.

People from Puerto Rico participate in this festival and the music is influenced by the musical styles of Cuba and France. Of course, the ultimate Caribbean festival is always an unstoppable force of nature that haunts cities from Rio to Trinidad, but Carnivale Puerto Rican is still something to see. Enjoy classical music concerts and be aware that it is still a good time to take to the streets and experience the rustic side of Puerto Ricans.

In June, the seven-day event around the World Salsa Open Dance Competition will also begin. July brings some changes, but overall the season shouldn't keep you away from Puerto Rico. The season runs from June to November and it's a great time to dance, dance and dance.

Instead of focusing solely on venues and hospitality when you visit, event planners coming to Puerto Rico can expect a more experiential approach to get a taste of the island's cultural and fun benefits. You can plan to visit at least one of these events during your visit to Rico so that you can forget the tastings of culture.

These events range from simple one-day festivals in honour of the patron saint to long dance festivals and provide an insight into the customs and culture of the island. Caribbean holidays can also include a stop in one of these cities on Ash Wednesday, be careful. Some of the most popular festivals are in Puerto Rico's two largest cities, San Juan and Ponce, but here, too, both pull out all the stops for Carnivale.

There are parties galore all over the island, parades and festivals, and there will be a celebration of the sacred. Puerto Ricans will empty their plates after Carnival, but it's generally a wonderful time to be in Puerto Rico. In and around Puerto Rico you can find all kinds of accommodations and although it is small, you can stay overnight anywhere and reach most places in less than an hour by car.

The Puerto Rico Coffee Harvest Festival lasts three days and is also known as the Marico Coffee Festival. The food served at the festival is traditional Puerto Rican cuisine and includes a variety of dishes prepared according to authentic local recipes.

Free Live Jazz will be presented on Saturday and Sunday, July 2 and 3, from 10: 30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Puerto Rico Music Hall.

Held every May, the festival celebrates the music of Puerto Rican natives and lasts for a week. This festival, which takes place in the third week of January, is the first of its kind in New York City and one of the largest in North America.

Thousands of people, both locals and travelers, participate in this annual celebration of Puerto Rican culture, food, music and culture. Forget about cramming yourself and be sure to stuff yourself with food and drink from Puerto Rico's most popular restaurants and bars.

Even if the festival is not taking place, Old San Juan is a great visit because it is beautiful with cobblestones and stone streets and is located on the site where the river once was. The streets of Old San Juan are brimming with food and drink from some of Puerto Rico's most popular restaurants and bars.

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